To start off my little blog, I have here some pictures taken at Muara Tebas Chinese Temple. This temple is located on top of a hill also known as “green hill” (Ching San – in Mandarin). It is surrounded by a Malay fishing village with a couple of Chinese owned shops. Mind you this is cultural integration!

Ching San Temple  Ching San Temple - Entrance

The scenery from the temple is amazing. On one side you can see the river mouth where the container ships come in and out, the colourful fishing boats come in with their catches, fishermen pushing their goods on the wooden jetty into the warehouse where wholesalers would buy and sell the catches in Kuching markets. On the other side of the temple, I could see as far as the next mountain. Remember this is a village, there’s no high-rise to block your view.

River Mouth Jetty Jetty2 Ferry The View View3

The temple is a quiet place where one could find solitude, find peace and balance. In the temple kitchen, one could just walk in to have a free lunch. Meals are prepared by volunteers. Vegetable are donated by devotees. For they believe in doing good and feeding the hungry – no questions ask.

As I walked around the courtyard I found this solo butterfly flying around the flower bushes. I couldn’t resist taking its pictures.

 Butterfly Butterfly2

There are other things that fascinate me around here. I love buildings, structures, crafts and these are some of it that captured through my lenses.

Window The View 2 

craft Door

I’m a person with few words, trusting my pictures to tell the story instead.