A cloudy day to be out in Kuching. It has been raining a lot in the past few weeks. This is after all the monsoon season. Some parts of Sarawak, for instance Sibu, has been flooded from the overflowing mighty Rejang River – well that’s another story later.

Today is a Saturday, my usual day to do some ration stock up for the week. It was raining in the morning – nice cool morning to stay in bed. Then it occurred to me rain or shine I need to stock up (in case I get flood in with no food!!).

By the time I reached the market it was 11am and vendors have started setting up their marquees, some with tents and some had already opened for business. Though it’s called a Sunday Market, business usually starts around noon on Saturday and closes at around 1-2pm on Sunday. Some of these stalls vendors stay over night at the market place because they come from afar with their jungle produce (wild fern, lemon grass, eggplant, ginger flowers, galangal, etc etc) to sell here once a week.

market2 market3

market5 market10


This market is where you can find from your slippers to magazines, local fruits to poultry, anything you need at a lower price from the supermarkets. There’s no bargaining at the food section but you can push your luck with the local handicrafts (tee-shirts, handbags, etc) or even the plants and pets sections. I like doing that to the magazine vendor, Elly as she has become my monthly supplier of “previous” month magazines. Hey, I’m not stingy! Just think…would you buy out-dated magazine at retail price?? – I wouldn’t.

Here are some pictures and a video clip taken during my trip this morning.

market12 market13 market14

market16 market17 market18

market20 market11 market9

market7 market6 market4