There was a bit of sunshine this afternoon and I managed to capture a few pictures of this old part of town. This picture here showed an old fire-station with its viewing tower. Imagine this viewing tower was once (upon a time) the highest point in the whole of Kuching for the firemen to see which part of town was on fire!!! Today it has been converted into an ‘open air’ market where you can find food and drinks stalls in side.

P/s it housed the best beef noodle in town!!!!

electra electra12 electra13

Coffee and tea anyone? Coffee beans ready to be grinded when you want to buy.


 Some form of transports for the public…bus and van.

electra5 electra6 

Notice the tree up on top of the building? Thanks the little birds that planted the seed up there.  

electra7 electra8

And this is our Central Police Station with this little sign to say they care about the tourists that come here…wink…wink…

electra9 electra10

I don’t usually put up brand names like this (coz I don’t even get free fried chicken for promoting it!) – but this colonel food joint is one special branch – it requires customers to use sign language. Of course for me who lack this skill I just point to their menu what I want.


This lady was cleaning up the five-foot way before she closes her shop. Yup, she’s doing her part to keep the city clean! Hurray for her!!!!