I have never kept my new year resolutions. I could write a 3-pager resolution and ‘refining’ it every few days (for the next 365 days) and yet I just can’t figure out what is a resolution!!

Today is the last day of 2007… kind of mellow… kind of “I-should-have-blah-blah-blah this year” day… then lightning struck… no no not at me – I didn’t tell that much lies this year… I mean Kuching having another rainy day. I’m being coop up so I thought I should seriously write down one item that I need and have to accomplish by 31 Dec 08… not easy for part-time procrastinator! (daydreamer the other half time). This is what I came up with :


Ha! Don’t get me wrong here..I’m not $$ face. Someone gave me this and at first I took it as an insult then slowly (I’m also slow the other half time) this cute l’tle yellow thingy could remind me to start putting aside my future ‘nursing home’ expenses instead of spending more than I could earn now.

So..hey anyone interested in buying this cute ornament off me??? 😉