Taman Sahabat is located at Jalan Song within walking distance from my home-sweet-home but I have never found the time to go for walks/jogs around this park like so many people do in the evening. Then one of those out-of-the-blue days I came to this park and found the pond was filled with these fishes – koi carps I was told. I bought a packet of fish food for RM2 and started feeding them..WOW! they came by the dozens, flipping over each other like a hungry mob.

I saw this young man feeding the fishes around the pond, I really mean around the pond. He carried a bag of bread and fed them from this end to the other end of the pond. There was also a newly wed couple who took opportunity of the beautiful surrounding to take their wedding pictures… good choice! Personally, I like the willows around the park. It reminded me of a poetry I read when I was in school.

I went back to Taman Sahabat a few days ago and I was rather disappointed that things had changed… in fact more like deserted. I remember reading in the newspaper a few months back that all the big fat koi carps had died! Yeah, ALL OF THEM! When I went back I didn’t expect to see any fish at all, I just wanted to check out the place – being nosy as always. And I was surprised that there are some fish, baby koi carps.. lucky for them I got some dried fish food in my car.

I passed-by the place again that evening, I was glad to see at least the fountain was back running and as usually joggers, families, children were there enjoying the sunset… Unfortunately, the once tea-house is left abandoned. It would be great if someone could take up the place and turn it into a cafe or some sort coz this place is too good to go to waste.