For those of you who visit, you would know that my colleague, Eric, has been down these last few days with a severe bout of food poisoning.

So today, a Saturday, I thought I drive up to his place and check on things; getting better it seems and good enough to go to a nearby coffee shop for some breakfast Sarawak’s style – oh la la….

Laksa ….. The same spicy hot noodles that Anthony Bourdain (spelling?) had when he was filming in Kuching.

So we headed to a place aptly names “Foody Goody Café” and there I ordered my laksa, some deep-fried fritters and a cup of piping hot coffee black or what we call “Kopi-O” in these parts…

You finished your noodles and dip the fritters in the curry gravy and there you have it – perfect divine breakfast for a bright sunny Saturday.

Except for Eric who is still on his rice noodles in plain soup regimen – according to the doctor’s order..