Okay okay… someone wrote in to say junk food made in China could contained high ‘toxicity’. Then how about made in Kuching junk food?

Do you remember kedongdong? They called it merdongdong in Indonesia, or pagsahingin in Philippines. Whatever the name people called it… kedongdong is sour!!! Here in this picture it’s preserved in sugar and liquorice powder/root mixture liquid. You can eat it like just like that or my way is to put soy sauce with sugar. The fresh kedongdong can be pounded with belacan (shrimp paste + chilli) and eat with plain rice…. Oooooola-la….so delicious!! Nowadays you can even find kedongdong juice in coffee-shops (kopitiam) … yummmieeee…


Buah Kedongdong tree


Liquorice roots


The spiky seed of the kedongdong