This is not old Mc’s farm but Jong Crocodile Farm located at Siburan (17th mile). Entrance fee is RM8/person. It takes about 1/2hr drive from Kuching… if you are driving on turtle speed… like me.

This picture was taken during feeding time (11am & 3pm).

A dancing croc??

nope…a hungry croc!

Phew! I’m glad those aren’t my thighs in between those jaw!

Since this is a croc farm they have baby crocs to big gigantic crocs (oldest is an 80+ year old grandpa croc). These crocs are kept separately according to their size/age.

Seen here in this picture baby crocs snuggling in one corner… keeping warm? 🙂

These are much older ones playing in bigger pool.

Though it’s named a croc farm, there are other animals too.

I think this is related to the duck species.

And this one related to a bird specie…

And this … someone I know 😉

This is from a lizard family…right?