It came as a shock to most Kuchingites that petrol has up 40% and diesel 63% overnight. People were definitely unhappy especially when we are an oil producing country. We have in the past been enjoying subsidised fuel. But now the government said this subsidy is costing them RM53 billion annually. The burden is now passed on to the consumers.

Everyone’s feeling the pinch, feeling the government has let them down. They took to the street on Thurs (5th June) at Satok. They wanted to make an impact and be heard but they were overcastted. There were more spectators and police than protesters. So it turned out more like KFC was giving out free fried chicken than a protest. That’s life in Kuching… a little bit of drama, a little bit of rock-n-roll, a little bit of fried chicken…

Spicy or Original?