This is the famous wild fern of Sarawak…midin. Anyone who comes to Kuching must try this local dish. Usually fried with belacan chilli or sambal belacan. The other favourite way of cooking it is fried with just garlic or add a bit of red wine.


Now tell me is there a different between these two midin? Well, picture below is extracted from a New Zealand website. It’s called pikopiko in Kiwi land. So Sarawakians in NZ don’t despair you have midin at your backyard too!


The New Zealanders eat their pikopiko as salad or cook in stew. Anyone in Sarawak care to try that with our midin? I do know midin can be eaten slightly blanched then add in julienne shallots, chilli and squeeze of lime. That’s as raw as I can go. WOW! I’m hungry already… πŸ˜‰