Another Hakka dish (beside kolo-mee) is luicha. Actually ‘lui’ in Chinese sounds like thunder. ‘Cha’ means tea. So it’s thunder tea (in my broken Mandarin)!!

I can tell you the only thing that’s so thunderous is the bitterness of the cha. I have been trying to find out what they put into the tea but nobody (even a TCM doctor) is telling me! It’s like a big Hakka secret. I was only told luicha will help to purge your body’s toxic.


It consists of rice, long beans, bean curd, sweet leaf (cekur manis), chye sim (leafy green/spinach), salted turnip and peanuts. Pour the green thunderous tea into your bowl of goodies and start eating. Yum-yum!


Bear with the bitterness coz it’s good for you!! I have my ‘secrets’ too… most places sell less bitter luicha anyway but there’s one place at Nanas road you can choose thunderous or non-frightening luicha πŸ˜‰