It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon when I went to Jalan Urat Mata Park to meet up with my kite-flying buddies. They are gearing up for the International Kite Flying competition in Bintulu next month. Though Jalan Urat Mata Park is not big enough for them to practice their kite formation (‘stunt’ kite category), nonetheless the small park didn’t stop them from ‘showing off’ their other kites. I won’t actually say ‘showing off’… I mean kite flying has been an old pastime/hobby for some of us when we were kids. And with this group of kite-flying (young-at-heart) enthusiasts they are really pulling a big crowd to start flying kites…sort of like bring out the childhood hobby that has been long buried when we became adult 🙂

Here are some pictures of the ‘dragon’ kite that will be going to the kite competition next month. I wish Ah Yap good luck with this dragon and Ah Teck and Albert in their ‘stunt’ kite category.

Take a closer look at the eyes of the dragon in this video…