I have never thought much about starting a blog until last year when some people from overseas wrote in to our official website asking “where is Kuching”. I was very disappointed coz I thought that at least people would know where is Sarawak! And since my work has brought me to places like Sibu and Miri (Singapore and Penang), I have decided to start a blog using all the pictures I have collected to ‘promote’ Sarawak. Hey, lots of foreigners know where is Penang, why not Kuching?

Here are some pictures taken of Kuching and Sibu in the past year. Background music is one by Chang Siao Ying 張小英 a songstress from the 70s era singing 心戀.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll feature Bintulu, Limbang, Lawas, Kapit, etc etc… when and if I get the chance to visit these wonderful places.