I was on leave this week and I went to this one place that I have always wanted to visit again. It’s called Siniawan. A small township about 20mins drive from 7th mile central and it’s a stopover if you’re heading to Bau. First look and for a moment, you’ll probably think you just entered a movie set with people jumping from rooftop to rooftop…

This is the town. It has only two rows of shop houses, very very old shop houses. One of the young men who are staying there told me that this place was built about 70 years ago.

From the facade of these shophouses, you can tell they are in dismal state. Some people still live there but most have moved to Kuching or else where, leaving the place pretty much abandoned.

As I came down this road, I found this little sampan (boat) operating as a ferry.

I don’t care if these are geese,  ducks,  chickens or  swans… I remember during my school days while visiting my friend in his village, I was chased around his house by one of these creatures and of course the chickens and ducks joined in the fun in chasing me too!! So please excuse me if I’ve ‘two-legged-feathered-creatures’ phobia 😉

I don’t mind chicken rice though…..