The visit to Siniawan had left an extraordinary impression on me. I guess it must be the rustic looks of the old buildings that has left me in awe. Walking along the buildings I had this melancholy feeling and mental images of what life must had been  like back in the early 1900s when our fore fathers first set foot in Borneo. Some probably had resettled in Bau (the gold mining town) not far from Siniawan.

Imagine I was walking on the same cobbled stone path and touching the same wooden stilts that stand as testaments of the men who left their country to start a new life in an unknown island in the south sea.

I feel that we shouldn’t let this place go down in history as a pile of fire wood. It is part of our heritage and I hope that our present government would do the necessary to preserve that.

Remember, there are things that money just can’t buy!