Living in Sarawak is colorful in many ways.

I think this is due mostly to the population mix of so many ethnic groups and the religious/cultural traditions associated with each individual group that we see reflected all year round.

To many Asians, the idea of worshipping one’s ancestors is paramount and observed unfailingly every year.

The Chinese is no different. We have a custom of visiting/cleaning up the graves of those passed and every year, during the 7th lunar month, we remember them by offering foods and burning of “spiritual money” for them in the other world.

Well, I don’t practice this personally but I know of many friends who do and I joined them last week at a local temple to watch this custom in action.

Looking at all their intense faces, I sense their love for those who have passed on.

The way foods were laid in front of their love ones wooden tablets, candles lit and incenses burned, it’s almost as if they are all seated and having dinner at the same table.

I also saw some with that looks in their teary eyes that speak volumes……

I might not understand the intricacies of the ceremonies involved but I know they are all there to remember and maybe to let their love ones know that they are not being forgotten.