I have received messages asking where to get the little “pyramids” after my previous posting. And here it is folks… it’s call “mai su guo” and it’s Made in Sibu.

The mysterious location where you can find this yummy snacks… a shop called “Fan Fatt” down at Green Road (the main reason I was there yesterday!!)

And there’s only one packet left… Don’t worry I’m sure there are other shops selling it – I just haven’t found them yet. If not, just S.O.S. Sibu to send a box over… since on the package it says “jian kang shi pin” it means healthy snacks… I guess no harm in eating more of it.

By the way, in response to “hiimeimei” who wrote in, there’s no paste inside. It’s just crunchy, sweet and very cute πŸ˜‰