Most of us hardly think twice about this humble dish of the Teochews. These days we have all the fish, pork, chicken porridge to choose from until the humble Teochew porridge is hardly on the menu any more. We are spoiled, I say!

Why is  Teochew porridge so different from the rest? Well, first of all it’s plain porridge and secondly you’ll have a variety of small dishes of salted fish with lime, salted vegetable, salted eggs, turnip omelette, preserved toufu, etc etc to choose from. Since they are served in small dishes, hey, I can have one of everything to go.

Here I had (clockwise) plain porridge, salted fish, salted vegetable, preserved black olives and century eggs with pickled ginger.

And let me zoom in to my favourite salted fish with chilli and lime juice 🙂

Aaaahhhh… my mouth watering…drip drip…

Don’t you wish you were here?:-)