I have people asking and even local friends who don’t know how to use a pair of chopsticks. Learning to use the chopsticks is essential especially if you want to eat kolomee, laksa, kampua, mee sua, etc etc 🙂

There are lots of way to hold the chopsticks – I have seen people hold it like a pen too. No matter which way you hold your chopsticks the main thing is to hold up your food into your mouth. Anyway, here’s ‘101 how to use chopsticks’ for the beginners.

1. Chopsticks are usually held at mid-length with the right/left hand. Place one chopstick between the thumb and the index finger, and press the tip of the middle finger against it. This chopstick will remain in place.

2 Position the second chopstick between the thumb and the tip of the middle finger, and support the upper half with the index finger.

3. When picking up food, control the upper chopstick with the index and the middle finger.

Extracts from “Origins of Chinese Food Culture” by ASIAPAC Culture

Okay, next who’s going to show me how to do the ‘finger link’in good’?