Since my family moved back here from Bintulu in 1994, we have been staying in Tabuan Heights and the nearest ‘shopping’ centre for us is Tabuan Jaya and the wet market (which has been moved to the new vicinity, Stutong market).

From Tabuan Heights you drive out on Jalan Song and turn into Jalan Urat Mata and you’ll reach Tabuan Jaya. Remember the kite-flying park? It is along Jalan Urat Mata and that’s where you can find me if I have the time to spare.

Tabuan Jaya central has everything that meets your daily needs. A supermarket, departmental stores, sundry shops, car/motor bikes repair shops, a petrol station, banks and the coffee shops that have been feeding me and my family for the past 10 years or so.

This is my territory… ahem… my neighbourhood 😉