…or an empty stomach. If you have heart burn or have been fasting, please change channel – this post is not for you! 😉

This is bulan Ramadan (Ramadan month) when Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. Fasting for anyone  is no easy task but it does bring out the humanity of each individual; understand hunger better…

With the variety of Malay cuisine found at the food bazaar (Satok) it’s  no wonder it attracts many non-Muslims too. To me , this is one of those events that create social integration among the many races of Sarawak. I feel proud that regardless of different religions we are able to gather under one roof (marquee) for a common cause… FILL THE EMPTY STOMACHS!!

p/s the ‘kacangma‘ on the left of the last picture has no alcohol content. For those who are not familiar with  ‘kacangma‘ ,it is  chicken cooked in herbs with lots of Chinese rice wine usually served to women after giving birth. It’s traditionally a Chinese dish but the local Ibans cook it with tuak. Truly a dish of many influences and inspirations.

Only in Sarawak! I tell you 🙂