It is known as chut-chut or siput sedut (cerithidea obtusa). I prefer to call it chut-chut snails coz that’s the sound you make when you try to suck the snail out of the shell.

I was rather squeamish at first sight of these snails crawling out of baskets in the market but after I took my first bite…hey, I like them so much especially if it is cooked with dried chilli and dark soy sauce. Delicious!! There’s a technique to get the snail out of the shell. The ‘tail’ end of the snail is chopped off before cooking. The back is for you to suck out the air, then you suck the front to get the snail out. If your ‘chut’ is not good enough, use a toothpick to pick out the delicacy!! – that’s what I do! 😉

To be able to appreciate it is an acquired taste I must say.