Let me show you Kenyalang Park commerical centre where I grew up. This place used to be our ‘shopping mall’ for my family when we were staying nearby in the 70s.

Kenyalang has just about any kind of shops that you need, hair salons, electrical shops, sundry shops, ice-cream shops, food centre, a wet market and a movie theatre. You can only find daily necessities here, no branded goods, nothing fancy just things that meet our daily needs – I mean that was what we could afford back then.

This little girl here reminded me of myself way back when I was still in primary school uniform.

I used to have a school mate, Rokiah, staying up in one of these shophouses. I wonder where is she now…

And you’ll find freshly baked buns, butter buns, cakes, bread, biscuits in these shops. I still remember we used to buy coconut buns from here… hot and fresh from the oven!

Aaahhh… life in Kenyalang… slow and steady…