After driving out to Kota Samarahan the other day, I decided to join my family for another drive out of town. This time to Serikin… some where out of Bau towards the Sarawak/Indonesia border (the border line is still further into the jungle).

Now these are pictures taken on the way to Serikin. Red Dragon cafe is a cafe before the junction to Bau-Lundu/Sematan. Lots of people would stopped by here to have their breakfast/lunch before they head out to Lundu/Sematan. I like to eat here coz they serve delicious local food.

One of the kampung houses along the Serikin road.

Slash and burn of farm land before they start planting padi, pepper, banana or corn. These are the main cultivation you’ll see along the road.

A beautiful chapel.

The limestone hill.

Another cafe at the junction going into Serikin. It even has a mini zoo!