This is Serikin town with a main road running pass a few rows of shophouse. It’s peaceful and it’s quiet.

Most of the shops were closed when I was there during the recent Hari Raya holiday… or maybe it’s just one of those ‘Siniawan town‘ story again where most people have migrated to Kuching or bigger towns elsewhere. These shophouses are at least more ‘modern’ than that found in Siniawan. But behind these cement structures you’ll find lots of wooden kampung houses.

It does look like a ghost town, uh? 😉

This is a map of Kuching to Bau. Serikin is further inward from Bau, unfortunately I couldn’t find Serikin/Kampung Djagoi on this map. Anyway, it took us about an hour plus driving from Kuching to Serikin, of course that included our lunch break 😉