Serikin seen here on a weekday… very much empty, like a ghost town as I mentioned previously.

I saw all these empty shacks lined up the one street that ran through the town. I was told these stalls are for the weekend market… yup, only weekend.

And so I took the chance of driving up to Serikin again yesterday. I just want to see for myself what’s the big deal with all the empty shacks with strings hanging from the attap/zinc roof.

I took the hour drive from Kuching (of course time included for breakfast and gas fill up). I knew there must be something going on as I saw lot of cars coming down as I was driving up Serikin road (and a whole lot more behind my slow driving).

Wahlah! This was what I found… market buzzing with people!

See the cars? So imagine the people crowding the market place! Oh, by the way, this stony-muddy-pothole-filled parking lot cost me RM2 for just for parking my car… I’m still not sure if the guy who collected my money was supposed to look after my car or was I paying for a private parking space or had I been conned 😦

Well, today’s Sunday… you still got time to check out the market.