You might think that the Serikin weekend market is just like any other weekend markets like our Satok market. Well for me I found that most of the things at Serikin market tend to have Indonesian flavour especially the sarong – colours and designs are of Indonesian character.

If you have missed this weekend’s market here’s a peek of what are in store for you.

Yes, you can even buy ‘gold’ 🙂

The moment I saw the longest/biggest cinnamon sticks (that ever came across in my life)… my thoughts were of curry fish head, curry chicken… cinnamon and apples go very well together… hmmm… what can I do with such a big cinnamon stick!

Colourful curtains, helmets – looked like German helmets and the arrows and bow!

Picture below shows a big ringlet of hair… I believe it’s human hair meant for the wig factories.

I saw this big lion toy and it reminded me of my niece’s Leo. She has a small version of this lion since she was a toddler. So here you are Tien-yi… Leo’s papa found in Serikin!