Growing up in Sarawak you’ll get to hear about jampi this jampi that. Jampi is a Malay word for charm, spell, incantation, etc. The first time I heard about jampi is when I was staying in Bintulu. My school mates warned me that there were some people still practicing putting spell on their preys so I have to be careful not to simply wink at any cute guys that crossed my path!! 😉

I’ve moved back here since the early 90s and I thought I’m safe from all the jampi jampi thingy… until I saw this…! Beer bottles filled with ‘water’ hanging with a red string. I was told this is a tangkal (amulet/talisman) to ward off evil spirit or to deter theft.

Got a friend who used this tactic on her papaya trees because someone was poaching. Believe it or not it really kept her papayas safe. Me? I don’t know what to believe except to be safe than sorry… I’ll stay away from any bottles with red string. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…