Aaahhh… braving the rain and thunder I went down to Green Road to have my long-awaited fried sweet noodle with 3 eggs and lots of bean sprouts!

Uncle here has been selling fried noodle for over 50 years… he said ‘since the colonial time’… WOW!! He used to sell at Tabuan Jaya for breakfast, corner of Batu Lintang (opposite Saberkas) for lunch and then still manage to sell it here at Green Road at night. A hard working uncle indeed!!!

Take note… he still uses the old kerosene pump canister for the powerful flame!! You should feel the heat that comes out from the burner! Like in all Chinese cooking, the stronger the flame the better the food will taste… and that has been true!

And here’s my tapau (take-away) noodle… all wrapped in a plastic sheet on the newspaper… authentic huh? I love the presentation 😉

Hmmmmmm… so so delicious… 🙂 Wont you care to have some? Uncle said now he just concentrates on business here at Green Road. His business hours start at 6pm and off on Sunday. See you there! – be sure to go early…queue is long (rain or dry) and while stocks last!