Let’s see what I had for today…

Breakfast – chicken feet! YUMMMIEEEE my favourite! Always start your day with your favourites food – to feel good and positive is the best way to start your work day 😉

Chicken feet was just for ‘appetiser’… next kampua (Foochow style dried noodle)

After a few hours of brain-storming session, I had nasi lemak special (coconut milk rice with curry and sambal).

Some people just don’t understand why I need tea break – is not a British influenced thingy… I’m hungry all the time 😉 so here I had deep-fried fritters of prawn cakes, taufu, sweet potatoes.

After all those food during the day, I’d have something light like steam dumplings for dinner. (actually it was supposed to be dried wanton but the fella ran out of wanton so I suggested to him to use dumplings!)… niceeeee….