No need to look, there’s no Tinkerbell here 😉

Fairy cave is a limestone cave that you have to walk up a (approx.) 5-storey high man-made steps to the entrance.


Once upon a time when there was no staircase, people do climb this cave by way of this small narrow steps. Mind you this old steps are moldy, slippery and very steep.


The entrance of the cave…


The first narrow, steep steps up to the main chamber. This was definitely something I wasn’t comfortable with coz I’m terrified of heights. Going up was easy… but coming down was another story 😦


Inside the main chamber, you’ll find steps going to various directions to smaller chambers. I was told there are shrines and altars in these caves because some local folks believe the formation of the stalactites and stalagmites resembles some figurines which hold spiritual ‘power’.



After the long climb up to the main chamber, I shall just imagine how it’ll be like in the smaller chambers. Height and darkness are not exactly the atmospheres that I’m comfortable in! Sorry folks, you’ll just have to climb the Fairy cave yourself to find out more.