We were at Bong Low Sian temple in Bau recently. It’s a temple tucked away about 100m behind this ‘gate’.  There is another entrance for vehicles at the side of the temple but you’ll have to drive a distance away.


The old temple (picture below) was demolished about 25 years ago.


And today a new structure stood on the ground where the old temple used to be. From old to new temple this place is more than 100 years old.



One of the guys was saying, this temple looked like some movie sets… “crouching tiger hidden dragon“??


…”once upon a time in China“…??



He was right, this place could be an ideal setting for future Ang Lee or Tsui Hark’s kung fu movies…

I can imagine now… Michelle Yeoh fighting with Zhang Ziyi in the courtyard and Jet Li swinging from the coconut tree, jumping onto the temple roof and into the courtyard to referee the fight… hmmm.. 😉