This was where we were heading out to… a long distance to get to a beach in Kuching! (unlike when we were staying in Miri and Bintulu, the beaches were just a few steps from our houses).

Sematan beach… beautiful and clean (no logs or rubbish littering the beach)


Talang-talang islands (big Talang and small Talang islands) are turtles sanctuary. Permit needed to visit these islands. Yup, keep those turtles alive, away from turtle eggs poachers!! – Say “NO” to eating turtle eggs!!!


We should just enjoy and be thankful for what we have. A few ice-creams later and a dip in South China Sea!


Something that I can’t afford to have but I still enjoy taking its picture 😉 Maybe one day I may learn how to swim then rent one of these canoes to paddle around.


Meanwhile… I had to walk around with a hard hat in this resort!