A lazy rainy Sunday afternoon in Kuching so we decided to drive down to Satok to have some deep fried fritters… old Rex deep fried fritters.


This particular coffeeshop has old pictures from the bygone era on the walls. This black and white picture shows the old Rex cinema at Wayang Street. It was already in existence in the mid 60s (but was demolished many years ago and replaced by the STAR cineplex building today).

In those days (my dad reminiscences over a cup of hot tea and fritters) one cinema ticket cost only 30cents for two persons!! (he probably had brought my mum to watch a lot of movies back then!!) 😉

There were lots of stalls outside the cinema selling all sorts of food, satay, fried noodles etc  including deep fried fritters, thus the name “old Rex deep fried fritters”.


And this old picture shows the row of shophouses down at our present Electra House area.


Looking at these pictures, I wonder how was life like for the girl on the bike or the man pulling the carriage? I’m glad that I have my dad to tell me stories from the good old days. It is our past but it is the past that made us have today.