Aaaahh… one of my favourite games in primary school. This is how you play:

Players contribute a number of saga (buah saga/adenanthera pavonina) beads. The winner of scissors, paper and stone will hold all the seeds in her palm. Gently she release the seeds on the ground/table. Use pinky (the last finger) to draw an imaginary line in between a pair of saga. Then flick one against the other in the pair without touching/moving/even the slightest move to the rest. If you can do that, you win the pair. You go on until you miss a shot or touch the others. Then the next person takes over. Easy game… just that you need tiny finger!


I found this tree in front of the silk farm at Sematan. Imagine I used to collect my saga seeds in front of Miri old court house. I think it was in front of Chartered Bank. The last time I went back to Miri, a couple of trees are still standing… tempted I was to collect the saga seeds (old habit hard to break – coz I used to lose badly in the game!!!) 😛