You have seen many highrise buildings, new buildings being added on to Kuching town. Kuching is a developing town. It is still growing in size and in infrastructures. But there are still some pretty old structures just within 5km radius of the city.

Seen here an old house along Jalan Tabuan. It was out in the market for rent for a while. Recently someone has started renovating it! I’m curious as to what the new owner will make out of it.


Aaaahhh… some of you may remember this old government quarters down at Batu Lintang. Some of these quarters are still being occupied. These quarters have been here 30-40 years ago!


This shanty little house is just by the road side of the traffic light junction of Foochow Road and Pending Road.


And this house is somewhere near Satok area.


This is what you’ll find in Kuching, the new and the old side-by-side. If you want to see the modern Kuching, you’d head out to the malls. Then a few steps away, life seems to stand still since the 60s. I have no doubt Kuching will grow, it will continue developing but somehow it’s still the old Kuching town that I grew up in the 70s coz it has all these remnants to remind me of my childhood…aaaahhhh… my Kuching how I love thee!!