Before I could go walking-about taking pictures of Serian I need to boost my energy (and also to feed my family who came along with me on this trip).


We drove two rounds around Serian town (looking for parking space… not because we were picky about food) and ended up at this corner coffeeshop (err.. by the way it’s next to a petrol station! – seriously there wasn’t any smell of gas… just don’t light a ciggy).


And here’s my energy booster… kolomee for brunch…! High protein, high carbo and highly greased! YUMMMMM!


And free (very sweet) bananas too…complimentary from the coffeeshop owner!!!



Don’t mind me for putting up the shop name here… not just because he gave us free bananas and I’m making a promo for him but it was his small gesture that we were grateful.

Always be thankful for the little things in life!!