New Year day… while you write and rewrite your new year resolutions, let us continue our journey to Ranchan pool. The park is about 3km from Serian town.

When I was growing up in Kuching I heard of Ranchan pool so many times but I don’t remember my parents ever bringing me here 😦 They only brought me to Matang for my ‘swimming lessons’.



I had two aunties who came along for this trip to Ranchan pool. Both in their ‘early’ 50s (ahem!) and the last time they were here was when they were still school girls!! So imagine the ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs’ from them when they saw the place has changed tremendously. They were telling me when they were teenagers coming here for a picnic they had to hike through the jungle, sloppy hills and jungle treks and don’t forget the leeches!



Today, this place has access road, shower rooms, picnic areas and canteens.


Things have surely changed and more things will keep on changing… that’s what we called living.