See anyone familiar to you in this picture?

If you had followed the reality show called “Contender Asia – Muaythai” shot in Singapore last year, you’ll recognise the guy in light t-shirt. That’s the Vice President of World Muaythai Council, Mr Stephan Fox. Second from left is Mr Riaz, one of the executive producers of the show. The third guy from left is Mr Shah the spokeperson from Muaythai Federation Malaysia. They were in Kuching last 2 days scouting for locations to shoot the next series “Contender Asia 2” – which Malaysia won the bidding to host the show this year!!!

Now, I’m proud to introduce to you the third guy from right, Mr Bernard Radin. He’s our very own “Headhunter” Muaythai fighter hail from Saratok and he has won a place to fight in Contender Asia 2!!!

So every Sarawakians who read this… make sure we cheer and support him through and through!!! “SARAWAK BOLEH!!”