More Chinese New Year goodies for you!! Last day of the year to do your new year shopping… quick!!!


Looks like lots of things to buy at Kenyalang.


My favourite stop… junk food stall. Red sugared-cuttlefish, pumpkin seeds, all the sour-preserved olives, etc etc… everyone should become a junkie at least once a year, don’t you think so?


Now this one of the auspicious fruit/vegie that every home should have… pumpkin! Pumpkin in Hokkian dialect means “golden melon”… well in Chinese culture anything to do with gold and red (happiness) are very good omens. And if you can have leek, it means “count” (keep counting $$$) in Chinese or pamelo in local dialect means “yu” (having possession). Now that you know the significant of having pumpkin, leek and pamelo… go out and grab some!!