KUCHING: The Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) is calling for all Sarawak Laksa lovers to recommend their favourite stalls, especially those in and around Kuching, for grading by Singapore’s food ambassador Moses Lim.

The grading is part of STB’s initiative to identify selected Sarawak Laksa stalls which Lim will recommend for the four-day three-night ‘Sarawak Laksa Escapade’ tour.

Locals who want their favourite stall graded by Lim are to email letitia@sarawaktourism.com under the heading ‘My Recommended Laksa Stall’.

The email should include the stall’s name, full address and contact number (if available). Suggestions should reach STB by March 10.

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It’s time folks we have to take side, we have support our favourite laksa stall!! We must write in to STB and nominate!! I know I will… let’s see Foody Goody laksa? Ah Yew laksa? Choon Hui laksa? Let me go tasting again before I cast my vote!  Marilah mari… Pergi mengundi… Jangan lupa kewajipan pada laksa Sarawak! 😉