I have been wanting to make a pizza for the longest time. My biggest problem was not knowing how to make the dough. I went through cook books, youtube and videojug and finally I decided to go for the easiest method.


Pour 20ml warm water (not too hot) into the yeast and sugar. Stir them and put aside.


Once it’s all bubbly, pour them into the flour (175g). Mix with warm water (100ml), a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil and work until it becomes a sticky dough. Dust your working surface and your hands with flour then turn the dough out onto the working surface. Knead it for about 10mins.

Put the dough into a clean (dust with flour) bowl and leave for 1-2hrs or until the dough has grown double in size. (I was shock to see the size!! Don’t let it fool you, it was all air).


Flatten the dough (use rolling pin) work into the shape of your tray. Dust your tray with flour. Put the dough onto the tray and use fingers to push to the side. I was using a 12″ tray so the 175g flour was just enough.


Spread the tomato sauce and top with your favourite ingredients.


Pre-heat oven at 220C for 10mins before you put the pizza in for another 20-25mins.


WAHLAH! My first pizza!

I had to use cheddar cheese coz I couldn’t find mozzarella… that’s why you see cheddar cheese doesn’t melt or become sticky.