Lok-lok is bite-size food on skewers, dip in boiling chicken stock then top with sauces. Lok-lok vans such as this is a signature sight in KL. They have a variety of food like fish balls, meat balls, cuttlefish, cockles, quail eggs, jellyfish, etc on skewers to choose from. You do your own cooking. It costs between 60cts to RM4.50/skewers (colour-coded skewers) so be honest and keep all those skewers coz the vendor only count the sticks after you finished.



Even lok-lok business must be innovative. Here you’ll have a grill and a deep-fryer. If you don’t want to dip in boiling stock, you can always deep fry or grill the chicken gizzards.


And here’s the owner himself.


He told me his lok-lok stall was featured in a Korean magazine and here’s the article. Someone please translate for me ๐Ÿ˜‰



Though we have a lok-lok shop down at Ban Hock Road, I wish we have lok-lok vans like these in Kuching so someone can park one in front of my house!! ๐Ÿ˜‰