It was beautiful. I’m proud to say there are Sarawakians/Kuchingites who care for Mother Earth.

I couldn’t take pictures (while driving) also my digi camera doesn’t take good pictures at night. So this is just a written ‘report’ 😉

1. An estimated 45% of Tabuan Heights Phase I residents switched off their lights!

2. An estimated 20% of Phoning Garden residents were in the dark.

3. Friendship Park had only the essential lights on at the carpark.

4. A Shell station near BDC running their usual business with only two main lights on instead of the usual 5-6 bright bulbs.

5. Point Four Hotel had minimal lights on. For this one hour no neon lights!

6. Cold Storage was practically in the dark.

I’m sure there were other places in Kuching also in the dark (or dimmed down their lights or cut down none essential lights). This was our first step… and every journey starts with one single step.

Go Green Sarawakians!! 🙂