WAH! SO CHEAP!! (sounded like Fiona Xie of AFC!!)


KUCHING: During the current economic downturn people just do not bother to question why goods, including delicacies sold in food shops and restaurants, are becoming pricey.

Businesses have all kinds of reasons to offer on why their goods are more expensive now.

But when some traders kind of go against the grain of things by slashing prices way below what is common in the market, it certainly is worth pondering on, more so if it is about your favourite plate of chicken rice which costs you just RM1.80!

The city’s foodstall operators are selling their chicken rice at just RM2 a plate.

It’s equally filling and satisfying as the plate that costs RM5 or more elsewhere.

These RM2 chicken rice can be found at coffee shops in Pending, Jalan Mendu, Padungan, MJC, 4th Mile, Hui Sing, 7th Mile, 10th Mile, Green Road and Matang to name a few.

You say that’s cheap? Well, Ah Kat Su, who owns a seafood restaurant at Green Hill here, can go a further 20 sen down.

“At just RM1.80 a plate, his price is probably the lowest in the city.

Read more at Borneo Post Online

I have eaten RM2/plate chicken rice at one coffeeshop near Stutong Market about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t mention it here what does that tell you? 😐

Ah Kat Su also mentioned that “I want to reduce consumers’ burden during this current economic recession. After all I still earn some profit,” he said. Well, uncle Ah Kat Su I’ll visit you soon not only for your RM1.80/plate chicken rice but you’re the first to say “reduce consumers’ burden”… I like your attitude and I hope to brag about your chicken rice here! 🙂