After reading the post about catching and boiling the samuan, this is the continuing story of that. (sorry it took me so long to post this… busy with work bah).

The cooked samuan were spread out on canvas to dry.


Mind you, they were properly spread-out so they can be dried evenly. Looking at the ladies sitting under the hot skin-prickling sun painstakingly spreading the samuan, makes me feel so lucky to be sitting in front of a computer everyday 😐


The dried samuans were then shelled by putting in a sack and beating it on the floor. The broken pieces would then be sifted to separate the ‘meat’, the dried samuan heads and shells.


These ladies here were picking the whole nice meat and those in pieces.


And then packed for the market. A packet of samuan costs RM40/kg, the heads cost RM20/kg and the shells were sold at RM15/sack as fertilizer.