Eating on the job

By Georgette Tan

MOSES Lim is a man who obviously loves his job. In fact, there’s probably any number of people out there who loves his job, particularly the one where he gets to travel around Asia, heading a group of tourists whose sole mission on their holidays is to sample the culinary delights of the countries they visit.

Lim was recently in Kuching on a reconnaissance trip, trying out the various types of a local culinary favourite — Sarawak laksa.

The Singaporean food ambassador is exactly what you expect a food ambassador to be — a round, jolly man with a larger than life personality. Strolling into Madam Tang’s with his entourage, he greeted all those he was sharing the table.

“Share, share, ah?” he said with a wide smile.

Lim was in the city ahead of the 4-Day 3-Night Sarawak Laksa Escapade, organised by Konsortium Express & Tours Pte Ltd in collaboration with Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and Cat City Holidays Sdn Bhd as the ground arrangement handlers.

Madam Tang’s was their fourth laksa stop since his arrival two days earlier.

No matter how high laksa sits on your favourite list, there is such a thing as too much of it in a space of a few days.

But Lim, who has eaten his share of unusual food on recce tours, couldn’t wait to wax lyrical over the difference between laksas from all over Malaysia.

“Singapore and Melaka Laksa are quite similar because they are the lemak type with coconut milk. Penang Laksa is the assam type because of a Thai influence. Sarawak laksa is not too lemak which means you came eat more of it,” he said.

Lim, last in Kuching 30 years ago, was quite excited to be invited back.

“The last time I was here, Kuching was still very ‘ulu’. I was helping my father with his automotive business, doing sales. My trips taking me from Kota Kinabalu to Kuching, lasted three weeks.”

The Singaporean personality remembers Sarawak for one thing then. “There is always nice, fresh seafood. Impressive,” he said.

Kuching today also left an impression.

“There’s a lot of green forest. Life is slow paced here. It’s a very gracious style of living,” he said, comparing it to the busy lifestyle in Singapore.

Sarawak Laksa is one of the things in the country whose reputation has reached far and wide.

Lim admitted to being curious about it himself.

“There must be a reason for it. All laksa taste slightly different. Generally, there isn’t a lot of comparison in Singapore. It’s either assam or lemak laksa.”

That gave him a lot of look forward to.

“The ingredients and portion make every bowl different. If you’re adventurous and creative enough, you can come up with a variety of tastes.”

With people selling laksa at virtually every coffeeshop, it was a hard task to cover them all.

STB shortlisted the must-try hot spots — including Chong Choon, Tiang’s Cafe, Choon Hui, Madam Tang’s and Waterfront Cafe.

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