Bubur cha cha is a sweet dessert made up of sweet potato, yams, sago pearls and coconut milk.  Though it is described as a dessert but it’s not confined to an after meal dish. People eat it any time of the day or just craving for something sweet and filling.


Boil the sweet potato, yam and sago pearls with a pandan (screwpine) leaf for fragrance. Don’t let the sweet potato and yam cook through (yet), add in coconut milk. Now you simmer until the sweet potato and yam are soften (cooked) then add sugar to taste… by now the coconut milk has a very nice aroma.


And it’s ready to eat 😉


At first I thought this could be one of the hardest desserts to prepare… well, now if I can cook, you can too! (now I sound like Martin Yan!)