I thought I was in for a treat of rugby game at the rugby field beside Song Kheng Hai market this afternoon.


Instead there was a school sports day or sort going… more like inter-schools competition. I really couldn’t remember if we had this sport in my school days so I couldn’t tell you what game they were playing 😐


They had 2 groups on opposite sides. One guy from team ‘A’ will go up to team ‘B’ and tackle one of the fellows. Then the whole team ‘B’ will  ‘attack’ the team ‘A’ fella until he/she fell to the ground!!

I don’t know the name of this game but it sure looked like mud wrestling to me!! 😉


Don’t worry these girls weren’t waiting to be tackled by the boys! It was a game where guys play against guys and girls against girls!




Might as well I took a picture of the newest hotel in town which is still under construction!!