I was making day trips out of Kuching again last week and yesterday (work, work, work!). Yesterday I decided to venture out a little bit more from my usual visits to Siburan.

Siburan is another small town 17th mile out of Kuching. If you drive further on from Siburan (same road as going to Serian), you’ll first pass by Baratok (much smaller town) then you’ll reach Tapah (slightly bigger than Baratok but smaller than Siburan). Tapah town is about 24 miles from Kuching.

The reason I used ‘miles’ is because most of these old towns were named according to how far it is located from Kuching, e.g. they were called ’17th mile kampung (village)’ or ’24th mile kampung‘ Serian Road long time ago.


I actually passed by Tapah a few times on my way to Serian or Bintulu or Miri and I always noticed this park by the road side shaded by trees. We didn’t find any reason to have an early pit-stop so I didn’t have the chance to check out Tapah.


Yesterday was one of those days that I follow ‘where the wind blows’… (of course before my assignment starts in Siburan).

I always like old wooden shophouses like these… more or less like those in Siniawan or Tondong. Locals told me this row (the only wooden shophouses left) is about 20 years old.


Opposite the wooden shophouses are the more modern brick shoplots.



And I believe this row was once upon a time canteens pit-stop for truckers plying the trans Borneo highway.